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Designed to make taking your asthma medication through an inhaler a quick and hassle-free experience.

The AeroChamber Plus has a valved holding chamber which makes it easier than inhaling from a conventional inhaler. With an AeroChamber Plus, medication is delivered straight into the airway, a useful method for those suffering from lung diseases. It also makes it easier to coordinate breathing in and pressing your inhaler, which can often be difficult for many patients.

Metered dose inhalers such as Ventolin have a pressurised canister that releases a set dose each time. The AeroChamber Plus attaches to the inhaler, conveying the treatment straight to the airways in the lungs and increasing the effectiveness of the medication. Moreover, it helps to reduce the side effects as it prevents the medication from hitting the back of the throat.

With a mouthpiece on one end of the plastic tube, a soft seal at the opposite end to hold the metered dose inhaler and a valve to control the dispensed treatment.

How do I assemble the AeroChamber Plus?

Remove both of the caps, attaching the inhaler to the end sealed with rubber and look to any objects that might be obstructing the chamber. Next, shake the inhaler and the AeroChamber to mix the medicine properly.

How do I use it to inhale the medication?

  • Breathe out
  • Seal your lips around the mouthpiece end of the AeroChamber Plus
  • Press the inhaler down once to release the dose of the medication into the AeroChamber
  • Inhale slowly and deeply over 3 to 5 seconds
  • Hold your breath for about 10 seconds so that the medicine has time to reach your airways
  • Breathe normally
  • If you have been prescribed more than one puff, repeat steps

Note: If the AeroChamber Plus whistles while you are inhaling, you are breathing in too quickly.

How do I clean and store my AeroChamber Plus?

  • The AeroChamber Plus should be cleaned at least once a week or as required to prevent the accumulation of powdered treatment from the inhaler in the chamber
  • Remove the rubber piece on the back and soak both parts in lukewarm water with mild liquid detergent for 15 minutes.
  • Move the parts in the water slowly and rinse well with clean water

Note: Do not boil or sterilise the AeroChamber Plus.

What types of AeroChamber are available?

  • AeroChamber Plus
  • AeroChamber Plus - with Mask
  • AeroChamber Flow-Vu®
  • AeroChamber Flow-Vu® - with Mask

The AeroChamber Plus is the standard valved holding chamber, the AeroChamber Flow-Vu® offers a Flow-Vu® Indicator to let you know that the patient is inhaling correctly.

Both the AeroChamber Plus with Mask and the AeroChamber Flow-Vu with Mask come with the large size of mask, suitable for persons of age 5 years and above.

Why use an AeroChamber Plus?

The AeroChamber Plus increases the effectiveness of the medicine in the inhaler and is particularly useful for those with lung illness as it ensures that the medication is delivered straight to the small airways in the lungs. It is also conveniently-sized to carry around.

What makes AeroChamber Plus different from the other devices available for inhaled treatments?

The choice of delivery system for inhaled medicines depends on which would be most suited to your personal health history and convenience. It is best to speak to your healthcare professional, who will be able to help you choose the correct variety.

The device is intended to be used by patients to administer aerosolised medication from most pressurised metered dose inhalers. The intended environments for use include the home, hospitals and clinics.

  • To ensure proper performance this product should only be cleaned according to the instructions.
  • Do not leave the chamber unattended with children.

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Content last updated: 13 Apr 2021

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Using the chamber certainly controls the amount you inhale, A good invention

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