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Effective and proven remedies and alternatives to smoking

Between 1974 and 2018, the proportion of Britons who smoke fell from 45% to a record low of 14.7%. But that still equates to around 7.2 million people - a sizeable minority of the population. For those people, smoking could cause a number of health problems later in life, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, diabetes and more.

For those who want to quit, giving up cigarettes is often a huge challenge - to the point where many will give up. Thankfully, there are tried and tested treatments today proven to help people pack in smoking and enjoy healthier lives. These include nicotine patches and gum, mouth sprays and lozenges. In addition, the prescription treatment Champix helps suppress cravings and withdrawal - making those who take it almost three times more likely to quit than those who don’t.

As one of the UK’s trusted online pharmacies, the treatments we stock to help people stop smoking are all sourced through Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approved suppliers. See our full range here.

Actively fight back with Nicorette gum to relieve tough nicotine cravings.

from £7.99

Nicorette InvisiPatch is a once-a-day way to beat nicotine cravings.

from £17.49

Suitable for all smokers regardless of the number of cigarettes they smoke.

from £20.99

Actively fight back with Nicorette Lozenges to relieve tough nicotine cravings.

only £19.99

Champix relieves cravings and withdrawal symptoms to help you quit smoking.

from £39.99

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