How to Stay Healthy in the Office

Do you ever feel too tired to exercise after a long day of work? Do you tend to binge on junk food and sweet often?

Updated: Tuesday 17 November 2020

Staying Healthy in the Office 2019

Although you won’t feel much effect on your health from a lack of exercise and eating junk food in the short term, but you will definitely be paying for it in the future. Just because you work in an office all day doesn’t mean you can’t develop a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing, all it requires is small habit changes. We’ve devised 7 great ways for you to stay healthy at work.

1. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast kick starts your metabolism and also helps you burn calories throughout the day. It provides you with a good source of nutrients such as calcium, iron, protein and fibre. Studies have shown that there is a link between eating breakfast and your concentration levels and cognitive function. That’s why it is called the most important meal of the day.

2. Stretching

Sitting on a desk for prolonged periods of time causes a negative effect on your body and overtime can cause pain to the natural curvature of your spine, tension in your lower back muscles and reduce hip mobility. A few stretches a day can improve your flexibility and relieve you of any tension in your lower back and shoulders.

3. Bring in your own lunch

Planning, prepping and bringing your own lunch to work will not only save you money but can provide an array of health benefits. Purchasing your own lunch usually involves foods which are high in saturated fat, sugar and salt. By bringing in your own lunch you are more likely to have fewer calories because of increased portion control. Not only this, but it reduces the time wasted in queues to buy food and you will have more time to go for a walk during lunch, get ahead with work or even relax.

4. Move as much as you can

On average, we should be walking around 10,000 steps a day. This might be quite difficult if you’re in an office all day but taking small breaks every hour or so and using any opportunity to burn any calories and increase your steps is beneficial. For example, instead of sending an email or phoning a colleague, try going to their desk and meet them face to face. Opt to take the stairs rather than a lift and think about incorporating more walking in your commute.

5. Getting enough sleep

The recommended hours of sleep that adults should sleep is between 7-8. It’s important to get enough sleep to improve your concentration and productivity levels. It helps you stay alert and energised the next day which not only increases your chances of another good night’s sleep but it will give you the energy you need without the need to binge on unhealthy foods or drink caffeinated drinks. Blog: What happens to your body when you are sleeping?

6. Cutting down on sugary snacks and sweets

Eating foods containing high amounts of sugar are usually digested faster, enter the bloodstream quicker hence providing you with that burst of energy. But when you cut that out and eat foods which are contain high sources of protein and healthy fat instead your energy levels will be steadier and last much longer.

Replace your sugary snacks with some of these alternatives: Almonds/dates, fresh fruit, Greek yogurt with cinnamon or fresh fruit.

7. Drinking water

Staying hydrated throughout the day can improve your productivity and reduce fatigue. Not only this but it can ensure that your cortisol levels (stress-inducing hormone) are within a healthy range. When you are stressed you are more likely to be unproductive which could affect how you interact at work. Water increased the blood and oxygen flow to the brain, reducing the number of headaches and migraines.

The recommended amount of water we should be drinking per day is around 2-3 litres.

Working in a 9-5 office can be stressful and tiring but that does not mean you should sacrifice your health. These few changes will transform the way you feel and you’ll find yourself more productive in your day to day working life.

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