Imigran vs Sumatriptan

What is the difference between Imigran and Sumatriptan and why is one more expensive than the other?

Published: Tuesday 27 December 2016

Imigran is an effective treatment for migraine headaches containing the active ingredient sumatriptan succinate. It belongs to a class of anti-migraine medication called ‘triptans’, which reverse the temporary widening of the blood vessels in the brain.

Imigran and sumatriptan are medically equivalent, that is to say, they have the same active ingredient and in the same strength. Imigran is the branded version of the medication and is therefore more expensive than than generic version Sumatriptan.

  Imigran Sumatriptan
Active Ingredient Sumatriptan succinate Sumatriptan succinate
Strengths sold 50mg, 100mg, nasal spray 50mg, 100mg tablets
Action time 45 minutes 45 minutes
Duration 2 hours 2 hours
Legal Yes Yes
Price Branded - more expensive Generic - cheaper

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