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Updated: Tuesday 17 November 2020

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Identifying our packaging needs

Our ethos at Pharmica is to provide cutting-edge technology to automate and innovate by delivering a safer, more affordable health care experience. We want our service to not only be convenient for our customers, but discreet and safe.

With this, means that our packaging also needs to meet our ethos of our organisation to ensure that every customer can buy our products with confidence and their safety is maximised. Our mission was to move away from non-recyclable packages to ones which were more biodegradable, versatile and tamper resistant to ensure that our medications are transported safely and securely.

Enter Lil Packaging – a world class ecommerce packaging company which worked closely with us to guarantee that all our needs were met. Lil Packaging have 4 USP’s they aim to achieve:

  • Value for money, without compromising quality
  • Quick to fulfil your packaging needs
  • An assured product delivery to your customers intact and on time
  • Stylish design and usability for unparalleled unboxing experiences
Lil Packaging

Quality assurance

The Bukwrap packaging provided by Lil Packaging is incomparable in the market, with their high strength corrugated kraft board and easy tear opening strips, this type of packaging will reduce transportation and postage costs. The packaging is lightweight and durable and when you compare it to their plastic alternatives – the Bukwrap provides a far better replacement.

Safety is the most important aspect when delivering medication and we needed packaging that would be discreet and not open during the delivery process. The hot melt adhesive peel and seal closure provides the best seal – it’s at least twice the strength of a standard double-sided tape! It’s why they are known as the UK’s most protect range of cardboard postal packaging.

We know that using single use packaging can be harmful to the environment, however, using Lil Packaging means that you are guaranteed that they are safe for the environment, as they use 100% recyclable material and plant-based inks for printing. With easy disposal, as a consumer you are guaranteed that after you recycle the package the product will either be remade or reused. They are also FSC certified which means that the packaging is sourced from an organisation dedicated to ensure that their products meet the highest environmental and social standards.


Lil Packaging exceeded all of our packaging needs by providing us with a service that is fast and reliable with their next day delivery service. At Pharmica, we offer same day or next day delivery for all products so this means that our processing schedule can be streamlined as we are able to offer our customers with a high quality and convenient shopping experience.

Using Lil Packaging, we are confident as a company that we are limiting the impact we are making to the environment and by helping us achieving our packaging needs we are able to provide our customers with products which combines speed, safety and privacy, which are our main priority. Lil Packaging has helped us deliver medication using high quality, tamper resistant packaging and we are excited that we are able to create an experience that positively affects our consumers.

Toby Watson

Written by: Toby Watson

Pharmica Medical Writer

Toby (BSc) is an experienced medical writer, producing educational articles on many areas of health including sexual health, fitness, nutrition and mental health.

He particularly enjoys debunking misconceptions around heath conditions and their treatments, researching each topic in detail and writing easily-accessible content.

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