Quit Smoking this Year - For Good

7 Quick and easy steps to finally give up smoking for good.

Published: Monday 23 January 2017

Quit smoking for good

We've all taken biology lessons, or those of us that can't remember them - we've seen the adverts. "Smoking kills!" alongside grotesque pictures of smoke-blackened, decaying lungs and tumorous airways.

Tobacco contains nicotine, which is addictive and makes you crave your next cigarette. It is suppressing these cravings that is the target of most smoking cessation medications and techniques, of which nicotine patches, gum and prescription tablets are just a few on the market these days.

  1. Will to Quit

    To quit, you need gargantuan willpower. Every time you want a cigarette, you need the self-discipline to say no. You will have to walk away from the shops, ignore the array of products behind the till on a milk run and find another anchor within your social group. You will have to remind yourself that smoking is harmful to your health and exercise self-control each time you are tempted.

    The best is to go cold turkey; throw out the cigarettes and don't look back. But if this is not the approach for you, nicotine replacement therapy can control your urges.

  2. Do it for You

    Make sure you are doing this for yourself and not your partner or your family. In order to succeed, you need 100% resolution and motivation.

  3. Decide on a date

    Pick a date sometime in the future - hopefully the near future - and stick to it.

  4. Go Smokeless

    For some quitting smoking is easier taken one step at a time. Step one, cut out the carcinogens from the smoke. You can do this by eliminating the smoke altogether with e-cigarettes (data is inconclusive on its carcinogenic effects as yet) or nicotine replacement therapy with patches or nicotine gum.

  5. Come off the Nicotine

    You could stop smoking abruptly, but the after-effects will not be pretty. The most realistic approach is replacing the nicotine with an ingredient that tricks your brain into feel the same satisfaction but is less harmful and less addictive, while suppressing your cravings.

  6. Get some Support

    Just like training for a marathon or implementing a grueling, spartan diet, you need the support of friends and family to see you through the tough times. They can encourage you and keep you from lapsing.

  7. Distraction

    Distract yourself from the cravings and negative habits with something you love, such as a new hobby or class.

Ready? Your journey to cleaner air and a heavier wallet has begun. Good luck!

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