Xenical vs Alli

What is the difference between these two weight loss aids and which is the one for you?

Published: Friday 28 October 2016

Xenical vs Alli

Both Xenical and Alli have the same active ingredient, orlistat, and therefore work in the same way. Both medications work by reducing the amount of fat absorbed into your body hence reducing your weight. However, the strength of the medications differ. Alli contains 60mg of orlistat, whereas Xenical contains 120mg. The following table compares the differences between the two medications.

  Alli Xenical
  Alli Xenical
Active Ingredient Orlistat Orlistat
Strength 60mg 120mg
Suitability BMI = 28 BMI = 30
Directions One capsule three times a day with meals One capsule three times a day with meals
Legal Classification P - Available from pharmacy counter POM - Prescription only medication
Price From £22.99 for 84 capsules (1 month supply) From £68.99 for 84 capsules (1 month supply)

So which treatment is more effective?

Both Alli and Xenical are effective if used alongside a well-balanced calorie-controlled diet with an exercise programme. Your decision as to which medication you should choose should be based primarily on your BMI (Body Mass Index). The NHS provide a handy tool to calculate your BMI quickly. If your BMI is 30 or greater and you have the option to take either Alli or Xenical then Xenical may be the more effective option for reducing your weight quickly. It is important to note that Xenical is also available as a generic medication, Orlistat 120mg, which is medically equivalent to the brand Xenical and so would be an equally effective option but is slightly cheaper. Prices start at £64.99 for 84 capsules (1 month supply).

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