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What is Regaine and how does it work?

Regaine Extra Strength Foam 5% is used to treat hereditary hair loss in men aged 18-49. The medication contains minoxidil as its active ingredient, which aids blood flow to the hair follicles of the scalp to increase the follicle size and hair shaft diameter. This prevents further hair loss and promotes hair regrowth.

Can I use Regaine?

Young men with thinning hair or a coin-sized patch at the top of the scalp are likely to benefit the most from this treatment. If you have been bald for years or have large patches of hair loss on your head, Regaine may not help.

How do I use Regaine?

The treatment is for men, is only to be used externally and nowhere other than the scalp. You should apply 1g of the foam (half a capful) to the affected area twice a day and leave for 12 hours.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after application
  2. Make sure your hair is completely dry before applying
  3. Remove the cap and squeeze the nozzle while holding the can upside down to dispense the foam onto your fingers. If the foam starts to melt from the heat of your fingers, you should wash your hands with cold water beforehand
  4. Apply the foam to the affected area and massage gently
  5. Use Regaine twice a day, 12 hours apart

How effective is Regaine?

You may start to see soft, downy hair growth in just 8 weeks, although it can take up to 12.

How long does Regaine take to work?

As hair growth is a slow process, it can take up to 8-12 weeks for there to be any visible improvement in hair volume.

What are the side effects of Regaine?

Like all medications, Regaine can have some side effects, although not all patients will experience these. The most common side effect is a headache, which can affect 1 in 10 people. Others include excessive hair growth and itching.

 Information Leaflet

Always read the patient information leaflet before commencing treatment.

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