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XLS Medical is a weight loss aid helping you achieve your weight loss goals quicker by helping you to lose up to 4 times more weight than by dieting and exercising alone.

Updated: Thursday 15 April 2021

xls medical weight loss

If you are overweight or obese, losing weight, even just 5-10% of your body weight will improve your overall health and reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions such as heart disease or stroke and type-2 diabetes. Maintaining a healthy weight is incredibly important - it lowers the risk of developing health problems, gives you more energy and makes you feel good about yourself.

The most effective way to lose weight is by eating healthy and exercising regularly, but sometimes the combination of taking weight loss aids can be effective to help you with your weight loss.

XLS Medical Max Strength is an example of a weight loss aid for those who are overweight (BMI between 25 and 30).

What is XLS Medical and how does it work?

XLS Medical Max Strength is a weight loss aid helping you achieve your weight loss goals quicker by helping you to lose up to 4 times more weight than by dieting and exercising alone.

The active ingredient Clavitanol is derived from an organic plant source which helps reduce calorie intake from the nutrients such as carbohydrates, sugar and fat helping to reduce calorie intake.

Clavitanol binds to certain digestive enzymes so that they are unable to break down the dietary fat, carbohydrates and sugar molecules. These are transformed into a fat-fibre complex which are too large to be absorbed, so they pass through your system naturally and excreted as waste. Since most of the carbs, sugar and fat from your diet is blocked from being absorbed, your overall calorie intake is reduced.

In addition to this, XLS Medical Max Strength lowers blood glucose and insulin levels which helps avoid food cravings.

How do I take it?

Take 2 tablets with water 30 minutes before your main meals (whichever 2 meals you eat the most). Do not take more than 4 tablets a day.

How effective is it?

XLS Medical Max Strength is up to 33% more effective when compared with other XLS Medical products. A clinical study was carried out in 2013 with 118 volunteers classified as overweight and obese. Split into two groups – one group received Clavitanol and the other a placebo, with no knowledge of which one they were taking. They were all instructed to maintain a healthy diet plan which was slightly hypocaloric, meaning you would be eating fewer calories than you burn.

After 12 weeks of medication, the results showed that the patients taking Clavitanol achieved 4 times more weight loss than those on the placebo.

Is it safe to use?

In Europe, approximately 11 million packs have been sold to date and have been no reported safety issues. Its efficacy has been assessed under the European Medical Device legislation and has got a well-established safety profile and tolerability.

Are there any side effects?

XLS Medical Max Strength is usually well tolerated but since the active ingredient reduces the digestion of carbohydrates, this may lead to flatulence in the first few days, but this should subside once your body has adapted to the medication and the increased amount of undigested carbohydrates.

What is the difference between XLS Medical and other weight loss aids?

Orlistat, Alli and Xenical all contain the active ingredient Orlistat, which reduces the amount of dietary fat absorbed from your diet.

On the other hand, XLS Medical Max Strength contains the active ingredient Clavitanol, which reduces the breakdown the dietary fat, carbohydrates and sugar resulting in reduced calorie intake. They are also available in tablets and sachets.

XLS Medical Max Strength can be used for people with a lower BMI (25-30), whereas those taking Alli should have a BMI of 28+ and Orlistat/Xenical a BMI of 30+.

The most important thing to remember is that these weight loss aids are only effective when they are combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. This will make it easier to maintain the weight loss in the long run.

Tips to help you lose weight sustainably with XLS Max Medical Strength:

  • Cut back on sugars and refined carbohydrates
    Processed foods contain heaps amount of sugar which will impact your blood sugar and insulin levels, which will not help you to lose weight. Choosing foods which are low fat, with complex carbohydrates will keep you full for longer, keeps blood sugar levels steady and provide you with sustained energy. Foods include, oats, beans, lentil, pasta, vegetables and wholegrain breads.
  • Exercise
    It’s not just about eating healthy to help you lose weight but also exercising regularly can help to improve your health by increasing metabolism, increase muscle mass and helps to increase the number of calories you burn each day. To start off, try exercising 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week.
  • Sleep
    A lack of sleep is linked to weight gain, and poor sleep will affect the way you function the following day and you might find yourself craving more high energy, sugary foods. Make sleep a priority and try to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night.
  • Keep a food diary
    Writing down the foods that you eat will make you more aware about how much and what foods you are eating and you can identify any bad habits. Often, people will reconsider eating something unhealthy because of not wanting to write it down, which will therefore encourage you to eat more healthily.

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