CBD Oil and Products

The essential new dietary supplement

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound derived from cannabis. In recent years, CBD has become a highly popular dietary supplement, and can now be found in oils, creams, balms and even sweet snacks.

Research is in its infancy, but early studies suggest that CBD has the potential to help a number of health conditions, including anxiety and some forms of chronic pain.

Below, you’ll find our full range of premium CBD oils and products.

Enjoy a variety of perceived physical and mental health benefits with these easy-to-use CBD oil drops.

from £24.99

Made with broad-spectrum CBD extracted from organically grown hemp.

from £14.99

Give your CBD some flavour with these mixed-flavoured gummy bears.

from £17.99

Naturally sweetened with a coconut-derived MCT carrier oil.

from £14.99

Give your muscles the care they deserve with this soothing and lightly-fragranced CBD balm.

from £24.99

Treat your skin with this smooth, silky twice-daily CBD moisturiser.

from £24.99