Being a Healthy Weight Benefits You Physically, Here’s How

Read how staying in a healthy BMI range can help reduce your risk of developing different health conditions.

Updated: Monday 09 May 2022

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Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

Being overweight often leads to a greater build up of fatty material in the arteries, narrowing the blood vessels which can lead to heart disease. If the arteries get clogged, this can lead to a heart attack, angina or strokes.

Lowers the Risk of Increased Blood Pressure

When you’re overweight, your body has to work harder than it otherwise would to pump blood around your body, putting additional strain on your arteries.

Decreases the Risk of Common Cancers

Being overweight increases your risk of developing common cancers such as cancer of the colon, liver, kidneys and pancreas. Excess weight is the second largest preventable cause of cancer here in the UK, causing more than 1 in 20 cases of cancer.

Lowers the Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes

Carrying excess weight around your middle may make it harder for your body to make use of the hormone insulin, used to control your blood glucose levels, leading to type 2 diabetes. According to, Obesity is thought to account for approximately 85% of type 2 diabetes cases, and being obese makes you 80 times more likely to develop diabetes compared with someone with a BMI of 22!

Reduces the Strain from Chronic Back and Joint Pain

With more weight to carry around, additional strain can be put on your joints, causing stiffness and pain in areas such as your back, hips and knees. Although you can’t regrow cartilage that’s been worn down, reducing your weight to a healthy point can slow and prevent further damage to your joints and help ease the pain.

Decreases the Risk of Being Hospitalised or Becoming Seriously Unwell with COVID-19

Being overweight increases your risk of suffering from serious illness from COVID-19. The CDC states that the risk of hospitalisation following a COVID-19 infection may be 3 times as high for individuals with obesity than for healthy-weight individuals.

Toby Watson

Authored by Toby Watson

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