Write For Us

Write For Us

Evidence-based, engaging and informative content

Our top priority is the provision of exceptional patient care, and one of the ways we’re ensuring this is by creating and procuring quality content for our patients, written by experts.

The Pharmica Health Centre is our hub of expert guidance and clinical insight. We update our health centre regularly with fresh, engaging content to inform, advise and guide our patients to a healthier lifestyle. We take immense pride in our content and are looking for other experts to contribute to our platform with articles covering subjects relevant to our patients' needs and interests.

If you’re a health writer or healthcare professional with an idea for an article you believe will resonate with our patients, we encourage you to get in touch. We’re interested in articles covering:

  • Fresh angles on our patients conditions and the treatments available for them
  • Articles detailing the history of health conditions and how they were treated in the past
  • Pieces analysing and dissecting recent trends in health and wellbeing - particularly if they involve behaviour and treatments that are ineffective or unsafe
  • Articles covering recent journal articles and scholarly research related to the conditions we treat

Submissions must be properly sourced and feature citations if they are to be accepted. Any submissions that state statistics and figures as fact without citations will not be accepted.

Finally, submissions will be assessed not only on the strength of the idea, but on how well it is written. We won’t accept submissions that are long-winded, filled with errors, lack focus or have any other issues that require heavy editing.

If you have a well-researched and engaging idea you believe our patients will benefit from, pitch it to us using the form below.

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