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At Pharmica, our mission is to help our patients look and feel great.

That goal is at the heart of everything we do - whether it’s choosing which products to stock, prescribing treatments, or speaking to our customers directly.

But there is another way we’re helping our patients live their best lives: the creation and procurement of quality content, written by experts.

We regularly update our site with our own expert advice, but we’d love to collaborate with other sites and writers with the knowledge and written flair to keep our patients fully up to speed about their health.

So if you’re a writer or represent a website and have an idea for a blog post or feature that would resonate with our patients, we want to hear from you.

Check out our editorial guide below to see the sort of content we’re looking for.

What We’re After

  • Well-researched and sourced articles about medical conditions and treatments
  • Informed and engaging articles about health and lifestyle
  • Articles about how certain conditions were treated in the past
  • Pieces about recent trends in health and wellbeing
  • Personal blogs about your experience with a certain condition or treatment

If your idea fits one or more of these criteria, you’re off to a great start. But don’t forget: any content we publish needs to be well-written. We won’t accept long-winded, error-filled submissions that lack focus. And, of course, we won’t accept submissions that can’t help our patients live healthier lives.

So, if you still have an idea for content we’ll love, get in touch below.

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