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We’re proud to accept payments via PayPal

Here at Pharmica, our main priority is to give our patients as seamless and safe a pharmacy experience as possible. That’s why we’re one of the first online pharmacies to accept payment via PayPal. With PayPal, none of your personal or financial information is sent to the recipient when you pay - making it one of the most secure ways to pay online.

In addition to PayPal, we accept all major payment methods, including American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

We keep your information secure

Comodo Secured SSL Protection Status

We know that security is essential when paying online. That’s why we use a 256-Bit SSL encryption method for our patients’ payment information - one of the most secure encryption technologies in the world.

To ensure your financial information is kept private and confidential, we do not store any card details on our servers.

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Explore our range of highly effective erectile dysfunction treatments that work well for the majority of men who use them.

Erectile Dysfunction

Weight Loss Category

Lose up to 50% more weight compared to dieting with our range of clinically proven treatments.

Weight Loss

Hair Loss Category

Stop hair loss and promote hair regrowth using our range of clinically proven topical and oral treatments.

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Thrush Category

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Genital Herpes Category

Treat current outbreaks and prevent future herpes flare-ups with our fast-acting antiviral medications.

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Safely and reliably postpone a period by up to 17 days with our treatment that mimics natural hormones in the body.

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Stop debilitating migraines quickly with our extensive range of clinically proven treatments.


Hay Fever Category

Treat hay fever symptoms with effective antihistamine treatments, available as oral tablets, nasal sprays and eye drops.

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