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Malarone is a modern medicine for effectively preventing malaria and has fewer side effects.

What is Malarone?

Malarone is an antimalarial medication used to prevent a P. falciparum parasite infection in areas where there is resistance to other antimalarial drugs. It contains two active ingredients Atovaquone and Proguanil. These distinctly different substances work together to prevent malaria from developing in the human body.

What is Generic Malarone?

Generic Malarone contains Atovaquone and Proguanil. It is medically equivalent to Malarone, but available for a lower price. Both Malarone and Generic Malarone contain the same active ingredients and the same amount of them. They work the same way in the body to prevent a malaria infection. All generic medications available in the UK have to demonstrate equivalency before they can be sold, meaning they have the same effect in the body as the original brand. Generic medicines are as equally effective as the original.

How does Malarone work?

When an infected mosquito bites a human, it injects the parasite into the bloodstream. The treatment Malarone targets the parasite and kills it before it can grow and spread. Malarone prevents malaria from developing so it is important to start the treatment before you enter the endemic area.

How do I take Malarone?

You should start the treatment with one Malarone tablet daily 1-2 days before entering the endemic area, for the entire duration of your stay and continue for at least one week after your return from the infected area to make sure that any malarial parasite presence in your body is completely eradicated. You should take your daily dose with food to ensure maximum absorption into the body.

Which is better: Malarone or Doxycycline?

Choosing an antimalarial treatment depends on your preferences and the antimalarial drug resistance present at your destination. While Malarone only needs to be taken for one week after leaving the affected area, Doxycycline needs to be taken for another 4 weeks after leaving. Also, Malarone has less side effects, while Doxycycline is cheaper. Another point to keep in mind is that Doxycycline can decrease the efficacy of the contraceptive pill, so Malarone is a better choice for women using this method of birth control.

It is very important you do not stop taking Malarone early, as it takes 7 days post-return to ensure that any malaria parasites in the blood are completely eradicated.

What are the side effects of Malarone?

It’s common to experience some side effects with antimalarial medication. Side effects of Malarone may include:

  • nausea
  • headache
  • stomach pain
  • diarrhoea

Can I take Malarone if I am pregnant?

You should not take Malarone if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, unless your doctor recommends it.

 Information Leaflet

Always read the patient information leaflet before commencing treatment.

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Product Review:

I have used this product many times. It is very effective.

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Great service and very professional.

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"Excellent efficient service"

Product Review:

Effective products giving you peace of mind when travelling abroad

Service Review:

The service I received was fast and efficient a great company to deal with

Reviewed on Trustpilot

Product Review:

Good and I didn’t get malaria

Service Review:

Very easy and come through the post quickly

Reviewed on Feefo
"Quick and Easy"

Product Review:

Used it before; no side effects for me or the family.

Service Review:

Easy, quick, no bother. I'd happily use them again.

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"Great quality products & fast delivery"

Product Review:

Does what it says on the tin

Service Review:

Great quality products & fast delivery

Reviewed on Feefo
"Great Service."

Product Review:

I haven't caught malaria or suffered any other side effects as a of starting this course for my trip into a malaria hotspot in Zimbabwe. Therefore, excellent drug, will use again. Admittedly it is a bit pricey but I'd happily pay it again for the convenience and confidence this drug provides.

Service Review:

Great Service, well laid out website, easy to use and explanatory, Pharimca lets me get the meds I need conveniently and quickly.

Reviewed on Feefo
"Fast, efficient service"

Product Review:

Seemed to work and at a lower cost than the branded version

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Esy ordering process. Fast, efficient delivery and the product seemed to work.

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Product Review:

Website easy to use. Price competitive. Product delivered promptly. I won't know the quality of the product until I know I haven't contracted malaria on my holiday.

Reviewed on Trustpilot
"Prompt, efficient, competitive"

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Prompt & functional for a competitive price.

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Prompt & efficient with competative pricing.

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effective, i hope ! e!

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promlt & efficient

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