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Gina 10 Microgram Vaginal Tablets contain a micro-dose of estradiol to effectively treat and relieve symptoms of postmenopausal vaginal dryness in women aged 50 and over.

Pack size: 24 tablets

Buy Gina HRT 10 mcg Vaginal Tablets Online

What are Gina HRT tablets?

Gina vaginal tablets are categorised as a local vaginal Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) treatment used to relieve symptoms of postmenopausal vaginal dryness in women.

What are Gina HRT tablets used for?

Gina tablets are used to relieve menopausal symptoms in the vagina caused by vaginal atrophy. This process happens naturally due to a drop in the levels of oestrogen in a woman’s body after menopause, causing the vaginal wall to become thinner, drier and less elastic, as well as reducing the production of mucus. This can lead to the following symptoms:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal soreness
  • Vaginal irritation
  • Vaginal itching or burning sensation
  • Painful sexual intercourse

How do Gina Vaginal tablets work?

Each Gina vaginal tablet contains a 10-microgram dose of estradiol, a female sex hormone that belongs to a group of hormones called oestrogens and is identical to the estradiol produced by women’s ovaries.

The tablet is inserted into the vagina to slowly release the low dose of hormones into the vaginal tissue, increasing the oestrogen levels locally and relieving the associated discomfort.

Who can use Gina HRT tablets?

Gina 10 tablets are used for the treatment of vaginal atrophy caused by oestrogen deficiency in postmenopausal women aged 50 years and above, who have not had a period for at least one year.

How effective are Gina HRT tablets?

Gina tablets are clinically proven to target the root cause and relieve the associated symptoms by replacing and supplementing the lost hormones in the body due to menopause.

Low-dose vaginal oestrogen treatments like Gina have been used for several years to treat vaginal atrophy that can arise due to diminished oestrogen production following menopause.

When do you take Gina tablets?

The first and initial dose of Gina includes one vaginal tablet inserted each day for the first 2 weeks of treatment.

After two weeks, the maintenance dose includes one vaginal tablet taken twice a week with 3-4 days between each dose.

You can use Gina tablets at any time of the day but you should try and use it at the same time for each application.

How do you take Gina tablets?

Gina tablets are for vaginal use only and they come preloaded in a single-use applicator.

In order to use Gina tablets, wash your hands and get into a comfortable, relaxed position, either standing up or lying down.

Tear off one of the blister packs and open it at the end. Separate the plastic wrapper and remove the applicator.

If after opening the plastic wrapper you see that the vaginal tablet has come out of the applicator but has not fallen out of the plastic wrapper, carefully put it back into the end of the applicator ready for insertion. However, if prior to insertion the vaginal tablet falls out of the end of the applicator and the plastic wrapper, discard the tablet and applicator away and start again with a new applicator.

Keep your hands clean and dry while handling the tablet. Hold the applicator so that the finger of one hand can press the applicator plunger.

Insert the applicator carefully into your vagina. You should aim to insert about half of the applicator, but only go as far as is comfortable. Gently press the applicator plunger until you feel a click, this confirms the vaginal tablet has been released.

The Gina tablet will then attach itself to the vaginal wall and won’t fall out if you stand up or walk.

Gently remove the applicator and dispose of it, along with the plastic wrapper.

How long do Gina tablets take to work?

The symptoms should improve after 4-8 weeks after starting to take Gina tablets. However, if you are not noticing improvements in your symptoms after 3 months, consult with your GP or doctor.

How long can I use Gina tablets for?

Gina tablets can be utilised for as long as you and your pharmacist agree that it's providing assistance. It's recommended to have a discussion with your pharmacist every 3 months regarding this matter.

What happens if you stop taking Gina tablets?

You can stop using Gina at any time, however, symptoms often return when you stop.

You can restart using Gina tablets at any time provided the product is still suitable for use and your overall health is unchanged.

If you are still experiencing symptom relief after a break from treatment with Gina vaginal tablets, it is recommended that treatment is restarted at the maintenance dose.

If you are experiencing bothersome symptoms again after a break from treatment with Gina, it is recommended to restart treatment at the starting dose for 2 weeks, followed by the maintenance dose.

If you forget a dose, use the medicine as soon as you remember. Do not use a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose.

Where can I buy Gina tablets online?

You can conveniently buy Gina HRT online from our website. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our customer support team.

Can I buy Gina tablets over the counter?

You can buy Gina tablets without a prescription from our online pharmacy, however, you'll need to respond to a brief set of questions to allow us to determine its safety and appropriateness for your use.

Is Gina the same as Vagifem?

Gina tablets have the same active ingredient and strength as the prescription-only medicine Vagifem 10 microgram vaginal tablets. However, the indication for Gina is limited to only postmenopausal women aged 50 years and above, who have not had a period for at least one year.

What are the side effects of Gina?

Like all medication, you may experience side effects.

Common side effects from taking Gina, which may affect up to 1 in 10 women, include:

  • Headache
  • Stomach pain
  • Vaginal bleeding, discharge or discomfort

Uncommon side effects from taking Gina, which may affect up to 1 in 100 women, include:

  • An infection of the genitals caused by a fungus
  • Nausea (Feeling sick)
  • Rash
  • Weight increase
  • Hot flush
  • High blood pressure

Very rare side effects from taking Gina, which may affect up to 1 in 10,000 women, include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Water retention
  • Worsened migraines
  • Generalised hypersensitivity (e.g. anaphylactic reaction/shock)

Stop using this medicine and seek urgent medical attention if you have a serious allergic reaction to Gina. Signs may include:

  • Suddenly feeling unwell with sweating
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Rapid heartbeat or feeling dizzy

Stop using Gina and seek prompt advice from your doctor if:

  • You develop any new vaginal bleeding, spotting or itching
  • You have endometriosis and your symptoms have come back
  • A vaginal infection develops while you are using Gina

 Information Leaflet

Always read the patient information leaflet before commencing treatment.

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"Excellent service and fast delivery"

Product Review:

" I am long past menopause age and found that I was getting water infections very often, I have found using Gina has helped me tremendously, it seems to have rejuvenated and thickened my vaginal wall and since using it I have not had water infections "

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"Excellent service and fast delivery"

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