Face Mask KN95 (N95 / FFP2 Equivalent)

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Highly effective 5-layer filtration for protecting against harmful airborne particles.

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One of the most fundamental components of PPE is shielding face masks, which cover the nose and mouth, followed by gloves, eye goggles or visors.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends the use of masks during outbreaks of respiratory infections, such as coronavirus, so we have worked tirelessly to source masks certified to EN standards so you can feel confident that you can be as protected as possible.

What is the Face Mask KN95 (N95 / FFP2 Equivalent)?

The face masks offer protection against particles by covering the entirety of the nose and mouth up to the chin. They prevent particles from entering the body by particle-filtering through the mucous membranes of the mouth and nostrils.

The KN95 face mask is a high quality, 5-layer face mask that's highly effective at preventing harmful particles entering the respiratory system. KN95 face masks offer exceptional filtration quality, they are designed to protect against a minimum of 95% of airborne particles entering the respiratory system.

What are the benefits of the Face Mask KN95?

  • Lightweight
  • Certified to EN standards
  • Soft inner layer for a comfortable wear
  • WHO (World Health Organisation) compliant
  • Effective at protecting against germs and infection
  • 5-layers for exceptional filtration
  • Protects against a minimum 95% of harmful airborne particles

How do I wear the KN95 face mask correctly?

Step 1.
Take hold of one of the ear bands with one hand and position the nose clip at the top of the face mask with the other hand. Try to avoid touching the inside of the face mask.

Step 2.
Use the middle and index finger of both hands to gently press the face mask to just above the bridge of the nose. This is important to position the face mask in the right place so that the curve of the face can be fitted.

Step 3.
Once the mask is positioned correctly, move the ear straps over the ears and adjust each ear band accordingly until comfortable. Make sure the ear straps are secure and not too loose so that the seal around the face is compromised.

Step 4.
To check that the mask is properly sealed, cover the mask with both hands to test the positive and negative pressure. Follow the instructions below for guidance on how to perform mask pressure checks.

Positive pressure check

Gently press the mask to the face with both hands. Then, deliberately breathe out, air should not leak out of the face mask around the edges. If you do feel air escaping from the sides, reposition the mask to ensure a better seal.

Negative pressure check

Gently press the mask to the face with both hands. Then, deliberately breathe in, air should not leak out of the face mask around the edges and the centre of the face mask should be sunken slightly. If you do feel air escaping from the sides, reposition the mask to ensure a better seal.

Additional Information

The mask should be free from any visible damage or contamination. The ear bands should have sufficient elasticity and the nose clip should not be damaged, broken or missing.

If you feel dizziness, unwell or have difficulty breathing while wearing the face mask, you should remove it.

Do not modify, misuse, clean or alter the face mask.

Patients that do have chronic respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, other diseases that affect lung function and pregnant women should use this face mask with caution.

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